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    What is “Layering of Light”?

    Lighting techniques should create a timeless lighting design style that is both, importantly, beautiful and functional. The term “layering of light” has been in my vocabulary since the very beginning of...

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    New LED lamp technology

    Sengled’s Snap co-locates LED light sources and an integrated camera and microphone. Credit: Sengled   At this year’s CES, lighting showed itself as another way developers are bringing smart...

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    Vincent Thomas Bridge: LED Lights and Solar Power

    The Vincent Thomas Bridge is the third longest suspension bridge in the state of California. The bridge spans 6,050 feet in length, with a main suspension of 1,500 feet...

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    4 Facts About LED Lighting in Hospitality Design

    Doreen Le May Madden, owner and principle designer of Lux Lighting Design in Belmont, Mass., has been called upon to speak on the subject of residential and contract lighting...

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    3 Tips for Lighting a Dark Kitchen

    The kitchen is one place in the home that must be well-lit. Task lighting for food preparation and general lighting for eating meals must be part of any kitchen...

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    Lighting an Oceanfront Condo

    Lux Lighting Design’s Doreen Le May Madden gives a guided tour of the lighting she designed recently inside an oceanfront condo in Winthrop, Mass. The lighting design includes: architectural...

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    Don’t Forget To Light These Spaces

    When lighting your home, don’t forget to light frequently forgotten spaces such as closets, cabinets, and toekick and cove areas. These areas may require special lighting design, but will...

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