3 Tips for Lighting a Dark Kitchen

The kitchen is one place in the home that must be well-lit. Task lighting for food preparation and general lighting for eating meals must be part of any kitchen lighting design. In the Fall 2010 issue of Perspective magazine, Doreen Le May Madden, owner of Lux Lighting Design in Belmont, Mass., answers a reader’s question with a solution for lighting a dark kitchen in an early 20th century home.

Here is a quick review of what Doreen advised the homeowner to do to improve the kitchen lighting and keep the historic charm of the home:

  • For task lighting, add LED under-cabinet lighting over countertops.
  • For general lighting, replace light bulbs in existing fixtures with higher wattage bulbs, or add wall sconces in addition to existing fixtures to boost overall lighting.
  • Control light levels with a dimmer.

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