Our Services

Full Lighting Design Services Include:

Preparation of detailed Lighting Plans, Drawings for Integrated Lighting Details, Full Specification of Lighting Products, Load Calculations, Lighting Project Management, Electrical Installation, Light Level Calculations, Lighting Energy Evaluation, Lighting Controls Design and Installation, Custom Lighting Fixture Design, Energy Efficient Lighting Products, Window Shade Controls, Occupancy/Day lighting Sensors

Design Process:

Review and Analysis

The first stage begins with a review and analysis of full architectural plans to determine important architectural features that should be highlighted. Meetings with the client(s) are important to include discussion of preferences and aversions, visual acuities, usage of each space, impressions that are desired, “feelings” that each area is to evoke, exterior lighting requirements, and other details that may be relevant to the project. Review of colors, finishes and furniture plans are helpful to ensure appropriate placement of fixtures and to provide appropriate light levels and effects in key areas. Features of the lighting that we specify are determined by structural details provided on the plans and on site, energy efficiency, and code requirements. Architectural details are coordinated with the design and builder teams to accommodate integral lighting to structural elements, where desirable. When this information is gathered, a customized conceptual plan is prepared for client review, understanding, and approval of the complete design intent for lighting and interior details.

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Construction Plans

Final drawings are provided for interior and exterior lighting plans with specific details tailored to the project’s needs. All architectural and decorative lighting products are specified for aesthetics and full functionality with technicalities scheduled, such as, load calculations, load designations for lighting control and scene design and type of light sources used throughout, such as LED, incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. Custom designed control system controls provide the client with all capabilities tuned to their lifestyle and preferences. Our thorough documentation prepares the contractor(s) for more efficient implementation.

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During construction, site visits and consulting are required for us to be current on existing conditions of structural details, to provide any additional or new information for suitable implementation of the design intent.

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The “finale” is one of the most important stages not to be overlooked. This finishing stage consists of reviewing all details that may need light source or lens modifications, aiming, and any adjustments when all interior elements are in place. These adjustments are thought of as the “finishing touches” for all lighting and design details to be exactly right.