Why Hire Us

Award-photoAs owner of Lux Lighting Design, I am interested to provide lighting design services for your project since quality lighting is an important aspect. Lighting designers can be a unique, value-added resource. We can design energy efficient lighting designs that will provide appropriate light levels with appealing aesthetics. In many instances, a lighting designer will actually reduce the project construction and/or operations costs. Here are some specific areas where this is repeatedly demonstrated:


Equipment Cost Control

We can provide a design to meet an established budget, but are most helpful establishing the budget. We will select equipment from numerous manufacturers to help keep bids competitive and recommend lighting equipment or techniques to reduce installation costs. Our involvement encourages competition. Unit pricing gathered during design development can be compared to unit pricing from the bidding contractors in order to spot gross anomalies.  Finally, we can provide direct costs on all products, as well, for the contractor to purchase and keep budgets under control.


Operations Cost Control

Reducing the owner’s operations costs may be a crucial part of the design decisions, and these measures often benefit the project aesthetically and practically. Lifecycle cost analysis compares the return on initial investment of different techniques or technologies. Often, costs can be reduced simply by not over-lighting a space. Over-lighting is common by others that do not realize footcandle requirements or fail to understand the project’s specific visual and task issues. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways we can reduce costs and enhance the project. Improving the reflectance of surfaces (e.g., choosing lighter colors for walls and carpets or replacing dingy ceiling tiles) can help reduce lighting equipment and operations costs. Our interior design background is helpful in this area. Integrating daylight with electric lighting saves energy and provides a satisfying connection to the outside world and use of sensors to not waste energy.


People Costs

Quality of light affects people on many levels. New scientific studies are demonstrating how lighting affects sales, the productivity of office workers, wayfinding and safety and security. We are keenly aware of these issues and the techniques demanded to achieve results. The cost of poor lighting that just barely meets code is not worth the risk in areas where the “people factor” is important.


Aesthetic Costs

Technical skill can be learned, but talent cannot. Architects know that the value-adder for brilliant and creative design is difficult to assess and depends on the appreciation of decision-makers. However, the difference between a competent lighting design and one that brings architecture to its fullest realization, or beyond, is more often felt than intellectually apparent. When these cost factors are put into play there are demonstrable and recognizable benefits from professional lighting design. So, how do you identify a professional lighting designer? As with any professional hired to provide a service, there are certain credentials that help ensure quality and we meet all those requirements and more.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss more details. Thank you- I appreciate your time.