New LED lamp technology


Sengled’s Snap co-locates LED light sources and an integrated camera and microphone.

Credit: Sengled


At this year’s CES, lighting showed itself as another way developers are bringing smart technology into the home, touting the ability for remote control and energy management. LED luminaires are powered by chipboards and drivers that can house light sources as well as sensors for occupancy and temperature, among other features.


Earlier this year,  Stack Lighting, showed its responsive Alba BR30 at CES. Other notable lighting products on display included Sengled’s multitasking LED lamps (above) with integrated Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi signal boosters, and security cameras. Fitness-products maker Misfit introduced an app-controlled 60W-equivalent smart lamp, Bolt, which offers 800 lumens and a full spectrum of RGBW hues. And startup Emberlight went after the base with a Bluetooth-enabled holder through which users can dim and set scenarios for incandescent, CFL, and LED lamps using a companion iOS or Android app