4 Facts About LED Lighting in Hospitality Design

ecmag hospitality photoDoreen Le May Madden, owner and principle designer of Lux Lighting Design in Belmont, Mass., has been called upon to speak on the subject of residential and contract lighting design for many publications, such as this feature in Electrical Contractor magazine. In the article, Doreen discusses hospitality lighting, including facts about LED lighting in hotels, casinos, and other venues. Did you know:

1. LED lighting, though it can be more expensive, gives a higher return on investment for hospitality venues because it offers more lumens per watt, lasts longer, can be applied in high volumes, and is easy to maintain?

2. LEDs are most frequently used for exterior, building facade, pathways, step, and interior decorative lighting in hospitality design?

3. LEDs can be applied in a variety of fixtures, even chandeliers?!

4. The human eye is more attracted to beams of light, such as those generated by dramatic LED accent lighting, than diffused incandescent lighting?

Check out Lux Lighting Design’s hospitality lighting work inside the W Hotel Boston Residences.