Don’t Forget To Light These Spaces

When lighting your home, don’t forget to light frequently forgotten spaces such as closets, cabinets, and toekick and cove areas. These areas may require special lighting design, but will give them added dimension and functionality. Here’s what the American Lighting Association says about lighting frequently forgotten spaces:


Incandescent lighting is not ideal for closets as it doesn’t differentiate between colors well. Instead, compact fluorescent or LED lights can provide the right lighting for closets.


Inside Cabinets LEDs are best suited for inside cabinets because they can fit in very small spaces and emit low levels of heat.

Under Cabinets Lighting under cabinets provides vital task lighting needed in a kitchen that overhead lights cannot provide. Fluorescents and LEDs are long-lasting and don’t produce a lot of heat.

Toekick and Cove Areas

Lighting toekick and cove areas can improve the aesthetics of a space by making it look more sophisticated and adding visual height. Compact fluorescents, LEDs, and xenon lights are best for toekick and cove lighting, but placement as far away from walls will give the most even illumination.

Lux Lighting Design offers lighting design services in the Boston area and can assist with selecting, placing, and installing the right lighting for closets, cabinets, toekicks, and coves.