What To Know About New Lighting Legislation

Following legislation passed in 2007, consumers are being encouraged to adopt new lighting technologies such as LED lighting by Jan. 2012 to help increase energy efficiency nationwide. Since its passage, there have been conflicting reports about the terms of the legislation that have led to confusion. To educate consumers about the new legislation and raise awareness about new lighting technologies, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has released a fact sheet called “The 5 L’s of Lighting,” which includes:

  1. Location: Where new light bulbs can be used such as indoors, on a dimmer, etc.
  2. Lumens: A number used to define the brightness of new light bulbs similar to watts.
  3. Light bulbs: Types of light bulbs include incandescent, LED, halogen, and CFL.
  4. Label: Complete reference point for selecting the right light bulb.
  5. Law: Explains new energy efficiency requirements for light bulbs.