Control Lighting with Dimmers and Integrated Systems

Lighting control systems are highly desirable home features because they allow users to program different light levels and manage energy-efficiency at the touch of a button. The most advanced forms of lighting control are integrated with home automation systems such as those made by Crestron and Vantage. Many of these systems can be controlled using an iPad or other mobile device.

Standard dimmers are still great options for controlling light levels for aesthetics and efficiency in different rooms, and there are several different kinds available as defined by the American Lighting Association:

  • Toggle dimmers offer some pre-set lighting functions, allowing users to set lighting intensity at a certain level electronically and return to that setting when the light is turned on each time.
  • Slide dimmers are mostly for manual control of lighting intensity with limited electronic control.
  • Touch dimmers offer touch-control of lighting intensity with some programmable features such as delaying lighting shut-off.

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