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    “Bright Ideas for Home Office Lighting,” an Interview with Doreen Le May Madden

    Doreen Le May Madden, owner of Lux Lighting Design, was interviewed by Staples regarding ideas for home office lighting. In the interview, Doreen talks about creating layers of light,...

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    New Lighting Regulations

    We have been getting a lot of calls and emails about new regulations for incandescent A-lamps. I thought that this information would be helpful for our followers and clients...

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    Control Household Lighting Wirelessly

    An article in Lighting magazine explains an easy home upgrade that gives users wireless control of lighting around the house. The three wireless lighting control options suggested are: Dimmers...

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    Curb appeal is enhanced with properly designed landscape lighting. It not only provides attractive settings for viewing from indoors and out, but also provides safety in areas that need...

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    Effects of Lighting on Our Psychology

    As discussed in our Insights Issue 2, lighting greatly affects how people perceive their surrounding environments. Further, people all react similarly to different lighting conditions. A late professor from...

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