New Lighting Regulations

We have been getting a lot of calls and emails about new regulations for incandescent A-lamps. I thought that this information would be helpful for our followers and clients to better assess their future needs for lighting purchases. The table below shows the changes that will be made to incandescent bulbs over the next few years. The goal of these new regulations is to use less wattage but produce the same amount of lumens, meaning the bulbs will work more efficiently.

Table 1: Clear, Frosted and Soft White Incandescent Bulbs

By January 2012, all medium screw-base bulbs will have more informative labeling that will help consumers understand and compare types of light bulbs. The estimated yearly cost, life expectancy, light appearance, brightness and amount of energy used will all be included in this new labeling system. There will also be new packaging requirements that will describe the type of bulb in terms of lumens rather than watts. For example, it may say “1500 lumens light bulb” rather than “72-watt light bulb”. See Table 1 above.

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Sources: The Alliance to Save Energy American Lighting Association