Fixture Comparison: Recessed Lighting

Ever wonder why similar style fixtures are so different in cost?

Both items shown below are white baffle trims for 3″ recessed fixtures, however fixture B is double the cost of fixture A.

recessed trim comparison

Fixture A

This trim is constructed of aluminum and painted white. It uses a 50W max low voltage MR16 lamp. The lamp is not regressed deep enough into the fixture which allows you to see the lamp from most viewing angles. This causes glare and visual discomfort. This product is available in four  finish options. It can be used with three types of housings including Non-IC and IC-rated options.


Fixture B

This trim is constructed of a die cast aluminum ring with machined metal Coilex® baffle for ultimate precision. The lamp is regressed further into the fixture to prevent glare. This trim can also be used for accent lighting, offering superior adjustability. The lamp position can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 35 degrees. This product is available in six finish options to blend nicely with nearly any interior decor. This product can be used with a wide variety of housing types, all of which are AIRTITE™ which saves on heating and air conditioning costs and reduces moisture build-up in the ceilings. Depending on which housing is specified, this trim can be used with a 50W max low voltage MR16 or a 50W max GU10 line voltage lamp.


Even though these products are very similar in appearance, the differences in quality can be seen through the material construction, visual comfort, versatility and adjustability of fixture B.