Fixture Comparison: Track Head

Ever wonder why similar style fixtures are so different in cost?

The two fixtures below are contemporary track heads with AR111 Halogen lamps used for accent lighting, however fixture B is triple the price of fixture A.

Trackhead comparisonFixture A

This satin nickel finish track head rotates 360 degrees and pivots only 90 degrees. It is available with a 3″ or 6″ stem and can be used with three different mounting systems.  The power cord is visible going into the back of the fixture which takes away from the desired clean-lined design.

Fixture B

This sleek track head also in a satin nickel finish has much more adjustability for aiming. It rotates 360 degrees and pivots 180 degrees. This fixture also has an aiming rod in the back which allows for easier aiming when the fixture is illuminated and quite warm to the touch. It is available with a 3″, 6″, or 12″ stem which allows for more versatile applications especially for spaces with higher ceilings. The power cord is hidden in the stem which is more visually appealing. This fixture can be mounted using four different systems and also can be used with a 6″ recessed can adapter for existing applications.


Even though these fixtures are similar in appearance, the differences in quality can be seen through the versatility, adjustability and  fixture designs.