5 Eco-Friendly Lighting Tips

Lighting is a major source of energy consumption in homes and businesses, so installing eco-friendly lighting is a great way to conserve some of that energy and also enhance the comfort, mood, and productivity of your space. Here are some ideas for “green lighting” based on recommendations from Inhabitat:

  1. Maximize the use of daylight to reduce dependence on artificial light sources and kick those winter blues. Try opening your blinds during the day to let as much sunlight in as possible, and consider adding skylights as a permanent daylighting technique.
  2. If you haven’t already, switch to using compact fluorescent light bulbs in all lighting devices in your home. CFLs are more energy-efficient than incandescent lights.
  3. Paint your home with white or light colors and add reflective materials to magnify the light coming through your windows.
  4. Rely more on mood-setting accent lights such as sconces and cove lighting rather than overhead lights. This creates a more eco-friendly and cozy space because you’re cutting down the amount of light you use.
  5. Turn lights off when leaving a room or the house. It’s as simple as that!