How To Approach Lighting a Coastal Home

As a continuation of Doreen Le May Madden’s interview with Ocean Home Magazine, which recently featured a coastal home that includes the work of Lux Lighting Design, we want to share how to approach lighting a coastal home. Doreen tells Ocean Home:

“Assess materials used in lighting products- what are the composites of metals used in a finish for instance. Also we need to address the many uses for a home, especially if it is a vacation home where it may be used for more certain months. I had a client that asked me to make her coastal home “magical” – that it was to feel that it was its own unique environment away from the world. We achieved that with a mélange of creative lighting techniques that no one had seen before. Everyone that visits comments on how beautiful the lighting is in their home. The importance is to be tasteful in your creativity for a balance of sophistication and fun.”