Colored Architectural Lighting Transforms Residential Interior

Architectural lighting, or lighting built into the architecture of a home, has the power to transform a space, adding another facet of design with color, warmth, and ambiance. Take this modern exotic condo in Latvia outfitted entirely with architectural lighting for example:

Condo Living Room

The lighting built into the recessed ceiling combined with an eye-catching chandelier creates a focal point and adds interest to the room, making it appear taller. Accent lighting bathes the dark-stained hardwood floors with warm light. Together, the lighting sets a comfortable mood that’s perfect for entertaining.

Condo Kitchen

In the kitchen, cool green integrated lighting adds a colorful dimension to the backsplash and glass surfaces, while the pendant lights and undercabinet lighting provide functional task lighting.

Condo Hallway

Spotlights built into the hallway ceiling draw attention to the artistic metal statue, while setting the scene for what’s inside.

To create your own unique look with architectural lighting, contact Doreen Le May Madden at Lux Lighting Design in Belmont, Mass.