Equniox 4

Vantage has released the first touch screen keypad! The Equinox 4 was designed to be the simplest, most straightforward path to accessing lighting control, comfort, and local zone audio. As the keypad does not require engraving, it can be easily updated without having to wait for new engraved buttons to arrive. This easy to read keypad allows for lighting, audio and thermostat control with the use of up to 9 buttons, spaced out through three scrolling pages. Options for a separate profile page for each user is available. A top banner shows climate, clock or weather. A built-in sensor lights up the otherwise black screen as you approach the keypad. A simple swipe scrolls pages for many control options, eliminating many wall mounted controls, for a cleaner look. Stay tuned for the new Equinox 41 keypad, set to be released in quarter 3 of this year.