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    What is “Layering of Light”?

    Lighting techniques should create a timeless lighting design style that is both, importantly, beautiful and functional. The term “layering of light” has been in my vocabulary since the very beginning of...

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    SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    It is at that time of year for those with SAD to be more sensitive to the lack of bright sun light from other seasons. SAD can be treated as depression with doctors...

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    Wishing you amazing happiness, joy and peace!

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    Equniox 4

    Vantage has released the first touch screen keypad! The Equinox 4 was designed to be the simplest, most straightforward path to accessing lighting control, comfort, and local zone audio....

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    Ribbon 4033

    Fire Farm Lighting’s Ribbon 4033 Chandelier is a finalist in Interior Design Magazine’s 2013 Best of Year Awards. This chandelier works perfectly in large commercial spaces. Made from acrylic,...

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