Joe and Janet Rife

“We highly recommend Doreen Madden of Lux Lighting for your project. Doreen provided high quality and extremely professional service on the lighting design for our home renovation project.

Doreen provided the following services:

  • Carefully reviewed “how we live” prior to our moving out of the house before construction began
  • Listened to our concerns and issues and made critical suggestions
  • Worked with design build construction firm to integrate lighting design with the total plan
  • Designed lighting patterns with appropriate fixtures for each area of the house (on all four floors)
  • Programmed lighting scenes sensitive to our living patterns
  • Provided detailed lighting plans and explanation
  • Coordinated with electricians during construction to approve lighting fixture installation performed
  • Reviewed design several months after we moved back into our house to adjust programs according to changes in our life style

We are very enthusiastic about Doreen and her work. We invite you to view this project if you would like to see it.”