Savings with Smart Power Strip

A lot of people are unaware that appliances like computers, phones and other plug-in devices do not stop using power when they are turned off or put in stand-by mode.

Many use power strips that expand the number of electrical outlets available with their devices plugged in, thus wasting money, electricity and increasing carbon output. According to experts, these “phantom loads” are about 5-10 percent of an average homes power consumption, and around 1 percent of worldwide carbon emissions.

This is where a Smart Power Strip comes in. A smart strip is able to reduce a room’s power usage by shutting down electricity to products that are plugged in and go into standby mode. When the strip detects a drop in an appliance’s power consumption, signaling it went into standby mode, the smart strip detects the change and cuts power to that specific outlet. Some strips now have motion detectors and surge protectors that make them even easier to use. The benefit of a Smart Power Strip is that it doesn’t require a person to remember to unplug an appliance. It does so automatically, saving a significant amount of power and money.