Robe MMX WashBeam Wins ‘Best Luminaire’ Product of the Year Award by Live Design Products

Robe MMX WashBeam_Image

Robe’s MMX WashBeam ‘architainment luminaire’ can be used in both architectural as well as theatrical applications. With the use of internal barndoor module movement the remote framing shutters are able to move individually and rotate 0°-180°. Internal lenses allow for the WashBeam to switch from a wash light with zoom ranges of 4°-54° into a beam effect with 3°-65° zoom ranges. The beam effect allows for 6 indexable gobos for different lighting effects. The WashBeam allows for full CMY color mixing, saturated color wheel, variable CTO and variable Hot-Spot Control. With the Philips Platinum 35 compact high-pressure metal halide lamp combined with Robe’s MMX optical system, the WashBeam produces light output which exceeds most traditional 1200W series products.


View below to view this product in action!