Private Penthouse, Boston, MA

IESNA Cutler Illumination Design Award

This Boston penthouse owner chose the option of having a dramatic, theatrical effect when desired. Miniature fiber optic lighting provided color changing and accent lighting for a number of scenarios. In the dining area, custom coves were built around windows to house side-emitting fiber for a “washing” effect of color along the window walls. Tiny crystal trims were placed above the table for “sparkle” in this area. A custom designed table has integral dimmable lighting placed in the table base to illuminate the frosted inset panel. Dramatic grazing of color is presented by fiber optic downlights and illuminators with color changing controlled by a theatrical lighting control system. All of the fiber optic lighting turns to white light, as desired, at the press of a button. Low voltage downlights provide additional task and accent lighting.

[cincopa AEEAjR6QkTFs]