Lighting a Coastal Home with a View

Ocean Home magazine recently featured a lighting project by Lux Lighting Design’s Doreen Le May Madden that appears in the new book Perspectives on Design: New England. The lighting design in this coastal home balances both natural and interior lighting, directing the focus of the living space on the stunning ocean views.

coastal view

Below, Doreen shares her thoughts on the difference between lighting an inland home and lighting a coastal home:

“Although I always look for quality products to specify on my projects, coastal homes in particular have to address the salt air wreaking havoc on many materials and finishes. Products suitable for the coastal environment is mandatory, not only for exterior, but for interior as well.

“Regarding the design, my inspiration is from the natural daylight. Lighting at inland home locations can be quite different from coastal home scapes. I typically assess the patterns of the natural light of each project during various times of the day for patterns created indoors and outdoors, and the emotions that are stirred from the light. I do this so my lighting design will be harmonious to these aspects. Having the knowledge of how light affects us is from years of work and research, and having an innate sensitivity to the power light, is a gift.”

Stay tuned to hear more about Doreen’s strategies for lighting coastal homes.