Importance of Lighting In Healthcare

Hospitals are stressful environments. Not only are patients and family members stressed, employees can feel very anxious as well. It is important to design quality lighting environments to increase the comfort and healing of patients, make family members comfortable & relaxed and to promote better working conditions for employees.

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One of the major indicators of stress for patients and their families is the loss of control. According to Marc Schweitzer, Laura Gilpin & Susan Frampton “optimal healing environments offer patients the ability to control or personalize their space.” Allowing patients and their family members to have control over the lighting within personal rooms may help them feel more comfortable within the space.

There are many benefits of lighting within healthcare spaces. For instance in pediatric units, programming cycled lighting to mimic day and night time may help keep children’s circadian rhythms on track. Many believe that incorporating well lit, welcoming entrances will help patients and families feel more comfortable when entering a hospital, hopefully reducing the stress they feel about being in the healthcare environment. It is believed that access to both bright and natural light will be a positive effect on children’s health.

Our knowledge of healthcare lighting needs is of the utmost level to address client comfort as well as energy efficiency. We prepare very detailed lighting plans for ease of installation. Our unsurpassed knowledge of all lighting products, control systems, daylighting, and energy efficiency is addressed in our designs for functionality, aesthetics and budget requirements for each project’s unique needs.

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