Fixture Comparison: Chandelier

The two fixtures below are both contemporary chandeliers, however fixture B is three times the price of fixture A.

Lighting Comparision - chandelier copy

Fixture A

This fixture has a very symmetrical radial design in a chrome finish metal. Only half of the spokes radiating from the center of this design are illuminated. The light source in this fixture are 40W half chrome incandescent candelabra bulbs which create the glass globe effect. These exposed lamps screw right into the fixture. This lends itself to ease of maintenance but also means that the filament within the bulb is visible, which is not always desirable.

Fixture B

This fixture has a more asymmetrical design which creates dynamic energy with more visual interest. All of the spokes on this chandelier are lighted. The 20W halogen light source is enclosed within glass globes which, hides the light source and creates a soft glowing light. This Halogen light source is also slightly more energy efficient than the above mentioned incandescent source having the same light output using half of the wattage. The halogen also have a 25% longer life. This fixture is available in a brushed nickel finish with a spun filament, clear glass globe.

Even though these fixtures are similar in appearance, the differences in quality can been seen through the finish, lamping and craftsmanship of the piece.