Coastal Homeowners Seek Custom Lighting Design Solutions

landscapelg2Ocean Home magazine recently asked Lux Lighting Design’s Doreen Le May Madden about the top lighting design requests she gets from owners of coastal homes. Here is her response:

“Each client is unique. As I mentioned earlier, one client requested a magical ambiance. Others want a more subdued, down to earth feel than what they may have at their main homes. Others want definitive design themes, such as details you might see in a older sea captain’s home or a clean, crisp design that reflects the surrounding outdoor environment.

“A consistent request is to light the landscape for attractiveness and safety, but with a balance of light and shadow. Shadow is just as important as light in many outdoor lighting schemes.”

Speaking of clients, Doreen has designed the lighting for the homes of some high-profile people, including a Bruins player, a Hollywood actor, a Boston-based actress, and a Boston politician.

What lighting elements are important to you in your home?