Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Lux was contacted by the WHOI to design a state-of-art lighting design that was creative, energizing, and fully functional for a conference room’s many lighting needs for various tasks. Doreen Le May Madden used LED lighting technology for indirect lighting that was fully dimmable for general conference room use. Columns were created with details to integrate subtle LED color panels of light for accent and visual interest. Blue LED linear lighting was placed along the ceiling at the front of the conference room for an added accent for a subtle light effect when lights were completely off for various video presentations. Podium lighting was hidden from view and placed above each side of the room for 1 -2 podium speaker areas. Added LED blue light accents were strategically placed throughout the conference room, in recessed lighting details for an eye-catching flair.

September 12, 2013  by Lux Lighting Design